Thursday, 5 May 2016

Campus Officer Photos - Tomm

As part of my Campaign for Campus Officer I felt it would be a good experience to have someone take some 'promotional' photos of me for my poster.

When we had our meeting about running in the elections they mentioned that a good campaign strategy is to associate something with yourself. Well I felt that my identifier would be my red hair. So I made my main theme red.

I asked Tomm if he could take some photos of me in the studio and I wanted to make sure my hair was red in them as sometimes studio lighting makes my hair look brown.

Advertising Collab - Photos

Advertising Collab - Twitter Takeover - Tweets

Winning the elections

The countdown to the winner was the most nerve wracking thing. In one moment my life could go two ways. I could have a secure job after University and stay in Farnham another year, or I would be at a point where I needed to look for a job and possibly move back home which is something I don't want to do.

When the countdown hit 0 and the winner was announced I actually screamed because I'd convinced myself I had no chance. I was so busy during campaign week that I felt the campaigning I did manage to do wasn't going to work. But I was wrong. 
The way I campaigned probably actually worked better because instead of just sitting in the quad at a table, I went around the library and campus and actually going up to groups of people and explaining what I wanted to do if I won and asking people to vote.

I am beyond happy and cannot wait to start!!
(sorry teachers, you've got me around another year, and I am going to come visit)

Updated website

The  first thing I did on my website was change my front page. I had black and white images on there and they just faded between them. I changed the style of the slideshow and added some images and took some other images out.
I also added a button at the bottom of my page which leads to my blog I did for resolution as it is something I am really proud of and want to continue using. I think it's also a great way for people to find out more about the process of I'm Fine if they wish.

I updated my I'm Fine project with some of the new images taken for the resolution project. This will be a continuous project so I will continue to add photos I take to it.

Behind the scenes for Emily (all shoots)

I decided to put this all in one big post rather than loads of separate ones.

During the past year I became Emily's behind the scenes person. I went to almost all of her dog shoots to take some photos of her shooting.

I do love doing this kind of thing, but usually I do it more for social media so I wasn't really prepared and only had my phone which is something I regret, I wish I had taken my camera and got some more professional behind the scenes shots.

I will learn from my mistakes if I do this in the future. I actually plan on bringing this into my role as Campus Officer, I would like to go and take photos of events happening around the University so I can promote it a bit more and show the community that UCA has as a whole. I don't think its shown enough.

These images are from the first shoot, it was so much fun, the dogs were so cute and its amazing how they say that dogs are like their owners. Each dog suited their owner so much!

The second shoot was my favourite, I literally fell in love with the Chihuahua. I just wanted to take it home with me.

And the last shoot: