Friday, 15 January 2016

Alexa Wright - 'Skin Images'

The second series I am looking at by Alexa Wright (second of many I will explore) is this series of four images. Each photo is of an individual person with different skin diseases.
People might look at this and think “well this isn’t a disability” it is. These conditions effect these peoples everyday lives and that is a disability. This is something I want to explore also, the prejudice of what is classed as a disability and what isn’t. People are judged so much on how they look and when a disability isn’t a physical impairment, others judge and say ‘you’re not disabled’
I love the anonymously of this project. The photos do not show faces at all. The only thing that is given is a piece of text with the images. The text explains about their conditions and how it effects them on a day to day life. This is an idea I had thought about doing in the beginning of my project and as part of my previous project. I like reading different peoples stories because they’re all so different and they’re all different from an average everyday person without a disability. It also raises so much awareness because people don’t always realise how severe some things can be to a person when it isn’t ridiculously visual. 
I really like the unusual colouring of these images. The colours to me just seem so odd together but I think it works! The use of textures in the background of some of the images kind of relfects the textures on the skin of the people being photographed.
The composition for most of the images are central from either the top or the sides, I like that not all the focus is on the skin and that they’re made to look beautiful.

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