Thursday, 14 January 2016

Fashion Collaboration Day

So as I posted about before, I had agreed to do the twitter takeover for the collaboration between photography students and the fashion students. I used my phone to take the photos so that I could live tweet throughout the day. 
Our course photography is @photofarnham and I connected myself to the twitter so that I had easy access all day from my phone.
The day was really interesting because there was always something happened, The big studio was booked out and on both sides there were shoots happening. I made sure that I kept going between the two to document them and it was so much fun because each one was so different! 
The first shoot was with Madalina and the fashion student she was working with wanted her images on a white backdrop but she wanted her dress and make up dramatised. So the student did her own make up and then Madalina had control of how the images were shot. She would advise her where to walk and where to look. She was also really good at thinking of some creative action shots to emphasis the dress.
Another shoot that was happening next door was with Emily who was working with a student who’s dress was based on architecture. She asked Zoe to be the model and Emily had Rhea as her assistant. This shoot was with a grey backdrop and Emily used the large reflectors so that the model was fully lit. The fashion student brought in some photos of make up and hair that she would like the model to have and Emily supplied the make up. It was a really interesting shoot because there were some really unconventional poses put into action which really gave a fashion feel to it. 

Suddenly we heard loads of banging going on in the shoot next door so I decided to go and check it out. There were balloons and party poppers going off and confetti being thrown. 
This is one thing that I love about photo shoots, when they’re just so active and fun to do. Trying to get the timing right is always really interesting because you have to try and sync up when the things are being thrown or popped to when the flashes will go off and the shutter goes off. Sometimes it doesn’t always sync up and you get nothing in your shot. It is always a good idea to come prepared with loads of props because it can sometimes take ages to get the shot and obviously you don’t want to run out part way through.

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