Monday, 11 January 2016

Fashion Collaboration

Last year Photography students came together with fashion students to work on a collaboration. I didn’t work on it as at the time I had no interest in studio work or fashion and when the announcement was put up about I wasn’t really thinking about being involved. I find it really hard to work in groups as I really lack the confidence in what I shoot. I worry too much about what I’m producing and fear that the images I create won’t be satisfactory to the students I am shooting for. I work much better creating work for myself, not for others.
I had my tutorial with Natasha and she asked if I wanted to be a part of it this time. I said about how it wasn’t my thing and then she mentioned about how I enjoy doing sort of behind the scenes type thing, I work a lot with social media and did the twitter for our second year end of term exhibition, Hidden Oculto  I also did a twitter takeover of the UCA Photo Farnham twitter page when we did our Year 3 Workshop, ‘Best Night of Your Life’

I decided that I’d like to do this again, as I really enjoy doing it and as someone that uses twitter quite a lot (over 27.8K tweets on my personal twitter…oops) it’s something that comes quite naturally to me.
I might ask if I can do the instagram takeover on the same day. I haven’t attempted that and not entirely sure how good i’ll be at it but its an experience. 
Started tweeting from my own account today to document the first meeting process of the two groups.

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