Sunday, 10 January 2016


For my project I really wanted to try and explore different studio lighting and interesting ways to light my images, so far I’ve used pretty much the same thing over and over which is a plain black backdrop and a soft box. 
I do love how my previous image have come out but I was thinking about going down more of a fashion route and colourful to try and bring more life to my image.
I worked with colour gels with my group for the ‘Best Night of Your Life’ and I really loved how they worked. It’s the first time I’ve ever really worked with them so it was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it.
The studio for me was a thing that scared me, it still does a little but I really want to get rid of that fear and make myself comfortable with how it all works and how lighting works. 
I started researching just some images with colour gels, and then I came across some with a kind of blur to them, and I think they’re really nice. I looked into how it was one and some are long exposures and some are diffusers on the lens. I used to do really experimental photography when I was at college and I loved it and I really miss doing it as I’ve only really done straight photography for a while now. So if I have a go at something like this in the studio I think it’ll be really interesting.
I’m going to do a test shoot with some models to get a feel for the lighting before I put myself into the images. I hope to do this soon so that I can start researching some more.

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