Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pin Up Research

After having the idea about doing some pin up style photographs I first looked at normal pin up photographs just from google images. I don't like the overly sexy images and that is definitely not the look I am going for.

I guess really what I thought about doing was taking photographs of myself in situations that pin up photographs are staged but instead incorporate my disability some way.

So a few examples, the first image on the left I could sit in my wheelchair pulling that pose with the props around me.

Or the second image, I could do myself but I could be sat on the floor and have my back turned more towards the camera so you could see it.

In a way I want to make pictures that show the audience that even with a disability you can be 'sexy' (I am I'm no way saying I'm sexy *hate that word* but if I can create images to defy the norm thats good)

There is also the option of creating a kind of jokey piece. For example I could take the mickey out of pin up style photographs, because I actually do not really like them. I don't like the fakeness in them. So for example, the bottom left photo from the series, I could have the tree up higher and I could be in my wheelchair, dressed similarly to the lady in the image but I could be reaching up high trying to grab the apple but not being successful. 

While I was looking at the google images for pin up photography I came across this image. There was no indication as to where it came from or who took it or who was in the photo or even the reason for the photograph but it fit in with the brief so I have included it.

As I continued to look through the images I came across this article. It talks about a photography company called Shameless Photography and it turns out the image from before is also part of the website! 

Their site reads 

"Our mission is to help you to feel more empowered and embodied – and to see femininity as a space of play and possibility rather than shame,"

They have a variety of people in their images but there were three girls in wheelchairs which was really nice to see.

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