Wednesday, 20 January 2016


While scrolling through Instagram one day, an image came up on my timeline. As someone with a disability I do follow a lot of other people in wheelchairs, mainly from America. There was a series on TV called ‘Push Girls’ where it followed the lives of a group of girls in wheelchairs and showed how they managed day to day life. I was obsessed, it was like Made In Chelsea for disabled people really. As I started following the girls from the show on social media, I came across other people with disabilities. One girl, Ali Stroker I had actually known about for some time but never really followed her career. Originally I saw her on ‘The Glee Project’ (no judging, I was a bit of a glee fan a few years ago) She was one of the first girls I’d seen in a wheelchair, with a talent for singing, its very rare to see disabled actresses and singers so I was so happy to see this! She did not win the show unfortunately but she recently was cast on Broadway in a show called Spring Awakening and is the first actress on Broadway in a wheelchair.

Now I had seen a video of Ali recently because paparazzi had asked her for her opinion on the recent image of Kylie Jenner in a wheelchair (below)

A few weeks later and the first image from the series (below) was on Instagram leading to this article, this article led to this project, and this project lead to this photographer.

I then came across the rest of the images (below)

I really like these images and it was actually something I had thought about trying myself but I didn’t necessarily think about doing it in my wheelchair or with the coloured backgrounds. I had just thought that I would like to do a shoot where my back was showing but the images were more fashion styled. In a way mocking the way that people are portrayed in the media. This is something I want to explore.

I do really like the images of Ali but I am still not 100% sure about the backgrounds or angles. I think if I were to do it I would play around with lighting and make it a little less harsh and a bit more seamless if possible. 

Looking at these images has made me think of the pin up style photographs and I am now wondering if that is something I could explore possibly but with disabilities. So taking the conventional poses they do but with myself and my disability on show, maybe even do some in my wheelchair.

My next step is to have a look at some pin up style photographs and maybe work with that to start with. There is something about this idea that I’m not entirely sure about though, I feel like there is more that can be done. I don’t want my pictures to be too gimmicky.

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