Monday, 18 January 2016

Test Shoot One - Sophie - Edit

I had a look at my images from the shoot and decided what images I liked. I actually really struggled with using the gels, I think I got a bit cocky and thought “it’ll be fine, i’ll look at some lighting plans online and mimic them with the colour scheme I want” no, it does not work like that. It ended up taking me ages to even take any photos. I didn’t like that the gels were so harshly split on Sophie’s face, the red was just so overpowering and made her look evil and that’s not what I wanted to portray at all. I wanted the images to be a bit more fashion like but I wanted them to be soft and just a lot less harsh. 
The blue was too cold and the red was too harsh. It just wasn't working in my eyes. 

I chose three images that I felt were the most acceptable from all the photographs I had taken. I opened them into Photoshop and decided to have a play around. After all, I always find with my work that if I experiment, something happens, either accidentally or on purpose where I suddenly have a huge rush of inspiration leading onto a new idea.

The first image I edited was the one seen above. I really like the vibrant background but the blue on her face just makes her look so cold and I don't like that at all. I wanted her make up to be dark so that her features stand out but they're just getting totally washed away with the blue. 
I had a go at retouching too, I used a trick I was taught recently by Emily Clark on our course on how to give someone 'flawless' skin. I wanted to try retouching the images to maybe give off a more 'fashion' like feel or even to make it look like an image you'd have on the front cover of a magazine.

The second image I edited was the one just above here. I really like this photo of Sophie, I think she looks really good in it, and although it is a very staged photo, I feel she gives off a really natural vibe. It doesn't look awkward or uncomfortable. I maayyyy have gone a little over the top with the editing on this one though. I tried to bring out the colour in her eyes but instead she just looks like a mythical creature with her piercing eyes. (Maybe thats a good thing, she's staring right into the audiences eyes and forcing them to look at her)
I also used the trick to make skin smoother with less blemishes on this one.

The last photo was this one. I did nothing to this photo other than doing the skin smoothening again. I do like this photo but I don't like the red on her nose. If it was a bit less sharp around that area it might have been a really interesting image with interesting colouring. But I just don't like how harsh it is at all.

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