Monday, 18 January 2016

Test Shoot One - Sophie - Contact Sheet

After I posted about wanting to experiment with coloured gels in the studio and also possibly working with other people with disabilities I experimented with both.
Sophie has a condition called hyper-mobility, it isn’t something that is visible but it is something that effects her. I asked her to tell me about her condition so that I could experiment with image and text at a later date.
“So, I have Hypermobility Syndrome, which effects the joints mainly knees, fingers, elbows and hips. Apparently its mainly inherited, but no one in my family has it, and it’s most likely from over use as a kid doing sports and stuuuuff. I was diagnosed with hyper mobility when I was about 15, and being 8/9 on the ‘scale’ (9 being the most/worst). I also found that I have two vertebrae in my spine that are 'punched in’, just meaning that they are not in line with the rest of them. But this puts more strain on my lower back. I was born with this, and always thought it was normal to not be able to feel the bottom of your spine, but apparently not.”

I did my first test shoot with Sophie. This shoot was to mainly experiment with coloured gels. 

Here is the contact sheet from the shoot.

I think that my next step is to edit some of the images and experiment with putting text and image together.

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