Sunday, 24 January 2016

Test Shoot Two - Reflection

Originally I had planned to do a pin up style shoot and do my hair and make up like the images you'd usually see, as well as dressing like the image, a little bit more sexualised than my other photographs. But this didn't happen. It felt too over the top and foreign to me and also I felt as if I was objectifying myself which is just totally defeating the object of the project.

I decided to just turn it into an experimental shoot where I was just myself, I dressed exactly how I would dress with make up on that I would do if I were going out somewhere and wanted to look nice with a bit more drama added to my face. It just made it more personal.

I actually do really like the images that came out, they were fun to shoot and I think that shows in the images. I feel like you can feel my confidence in them which is good because I used to be a very shy and awkward person that got very uncomfortable in front of the camera. Especially when my wheelchair was in the images. On social media it is very rare to find a photograph of me where you can see my wheelchair, I hated it being in the photos and I never wanted to be defined by it. Unfortunately when people are in wheelchairs sometimes they become their identifiers and that is just how people see them 'the girl in the wheelchair'. I personally also find it very rare for images of disabled people to be seen as pretty. Usually disabled people are portrayed as the villain.

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