Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Test Shoot Two - Wheelchair - Contact Sheet

Once I had seen the photographs of Ali in her wheelchair I wanted to have a go with that concept myself. I asked Emily to take some photos for me but with my direction. I had control of how I looked and the settings.

I chose a plain background because I eventually want to edit it in Photoshop and  have a go at making the background coloured instead of using gels. I want to see if it looks better and more seamless than the gels did on the shoot with Sophie.

Here is the contact sheet for the shoot. We used the Digital Hasselblad and two large soft-boxes on a white background. I also filmed a time-lapse on my iPad, one while I was putting my make up on for the shoot and then one when I was taking it off at the end of the shoot. I wanted to go for dramatic make up, the type of make up I wear on a night out. (videos after contact sheet)

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