Thursday, 21 January 2016

Test Shoot Two - Wheelchair - Edits

I went through the images taken from the shoot and these were the eight images I felt looked best. 

I opened them in Photoshop and played around with the exposure as I wanted to try and get the background as white as possible. Unfortunately the lighting was slightly off meaning that once side is almost pure white and the other is a bit darker. I feel like there is a way to change this because its a RAW file, but I am not sure how so I plan on going to see Beytan or David to ask them for help. I think I remember seeing Beytan once select and area he wanted to change and lightened only that part which is what I wanted to do.

I actually really enjoyed this shoot. I normally get really awkward in front of the camera but I was fine for this shoot. I did start running out of things to do. I wasn't sure how to position myself but I just played around. This sounds odd but I know that when I take photos of myself on my phone I am quite posey when people aren't watching me, so I used that mentality, I just pretended I was taking photos of myself without anyone looking.

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