Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tutorial #1 Natasha

I had a my first group tutorial with Natasha to discuss where I was at with my idea for the resolution project. I mentioned that I wanted to carry on with what I was doing with my last project, but I was thinking of maybe photographing other people instead of myself. I also thought about making the final images more experimental, I’ve done straight photography of myself, and at college all I did was really experimental images and I miss doing that, I find it more interesting to look at and shows that a lot more time and effort went into it. The only issue is that I don’t really know WHAT I want to do. These were just little ideas I had in my mind.
Natasha could see that I was unsure about what I was doing and I knew that I didn’t this project to be too similar to what I’ve just done. Theres part of me that really regrets doing this project for my independent study. I wish I kept it aside for Resolution and just produced it on a larger scale. Natasha suggested that I should just start straight away by doing a shoot so that I could just get the ball rolling.
One thing I do know I really want to do, is to include text messages and quotes from people about myself that I hear a lot, I included it in my book for the last project but didn’t actually use it.
Another suggestion that was made is that I should look more into the text, because the little piece of text I had written inside the I’m Fine piece that I made, a lot of people dismissed it thinking it was random words I’d put in. So I could look at how to encourage more people to read the text. A book was suggested called Art and Text, so I will get that out of the library and do some research into that.
I really struggle to find photographers that I can relate my work back to, I find that work to do with disabilities is harder to find. But Natasha mentioned one, Alexa Wright who photographed people with disabilities in their stately homes, so that’s something I will look into.
Now I just need to go and just START!

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