Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Test Shoot One - Sophie - Experimentation

Although I honestly don't feel that I will use these images, I decided to have a go at experimenting with them. 
I really love using colour at the moment so I played around with colour swatches on the side of the image. Realistically, I just did this for fun, not really something I want to incorporate in my photos but I think its nice to see the range of colours in the image down the side.

I took the colours from the background, starting at the bottom right corner and making me way up to the top left. The pink colours are the ones that change the most. There is a very dark shadow at the bottom meaning that the gradient starts from a dark red, to a deep magenta  then in the centre of the image it is very peach and then just past sophist head the colours turns to a neutral pink colour.

Colour gels have officially confused me, I would really like to work with them again but I kind of want someone to teach me how they work, because they can honestly do so much, even just moving one of the lights slightly meant that colouring changed and it was confusing!!

The next swatch I did was of the blue gel which was lighting Sophie's face. Although it was a blue gel, it made the colours a purple colour, maybe the red and the blues were starting to merge more to create light pinks and purples.
The purple (blue) was a lot more gradient, there weren't huge changes in the colouring. It starts off at a mid-deep purple and gradually makes its way down to a light blue. 

The second idea I played around with was using text and image. This is something I have always wanted to incorporate in my work somehow. I have never really known how I wanted to but I spoke about it in my last project too. I wanted to have text in my project of things that are said to me quite a lot when it comes to my disability. I thought that a good place to start would be to ask Sophie about her condition because as I always say, 'just because I have a disability, does not by any means, mean I understand them all'.

I put the text in my previous blog post which was the statement Sophie sent me about her condition. I then placed it on a page next to this image.

I spaced out the wording so that it was easier to read and it makes it look less of a chunk of 'boring' text to read.

I like this, because its simple, and in a way it is what I was after. The image is colourful, it's a bit more fashion themed rather than just a straight headshot of someone with a black or white background and natural lighting. It has more to it. I quite like the text too, it is simple but I think its got a bit of fun to it where Sophie says "...always thought it was normal to not be able to feel the bottom of your spine, but apparently not." To me, this is good, because a lot of people assume, if you have a disability you cannot joke about it. But you can, almost everyone I know with some kind of disability knows how to laugh about it (as long as you don't do it to others! It's only acceptable to joke about your own disability unless you're really close to the person with a disability).

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