Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Book Idea

Since I started my second year at this University and was introduced to the world of zines and photographic books, I have been obsessed with them. I just think the designs are so pretty on some of them and its something that I still really want to explore. I am not sure if I want to actually do this as my final piece but I wanted to research some different designs to use as a reference if I do decide to do it. One idea I was toying with for my last project was either creating a little zine, or a magazine/newspaper style piece. 
I found a newspaper while staying with a friend in Bournemouth that was A3 sized and it had prints in as well as text and it was really interesting. I actually loved the way the images looked on newspaper.

Something I got into recently and have loved doing is more graphic design based, with typography and I had a look on Pinterest for zines and these are some of the more visually aesthetic types I'd found that were my style.

This first booklet I love. I usually like minimalistic things but some how, although this is quite busy its also just delicate and nice to look at. There are a lot of images in this booklet but the way the text has been used gives it a graphic type feel also. The typography and the layout of the photos is what drew me to it. Every page is totally different and I just love the diversity of it. I wonder if it is a bit too much for what I am doing but its something to possibly think about.

This second one was something a little different. I think the thing that attracted me to it was because it was a real merge of graphic design and photography. I also really like that its all monochrome. I think the images of myself that I took for independent study would actually look really interesting in this sort of style. I might have a go at making a mock sheet based on these images just to see how my next lot of photos could look. I want to also have a go at working with text in a way that can be seen in the first image below. I like the idea of creating a little news article type thing about my condition or about someone elses condition depending on who is in the photograph.

This last one is probably the most photography based one that I found, although the first one I found had a lot of images, I felt that it was a more graphic style one because it used a lot of typography. This one uses images but it shows different layouts on each page. I really like the four page where its on a double page spread. I experimented with this in my last project with an image of myself and I actually really liked it. I do think though that if I were to make a book, id want some more text in it that what this one has. I like simplistic books with text and image so its not too intense but I also don't really like just all images. I do like having something to read.(Just not a novel)

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