Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mid Review - Peer Lead

We had a peer lead review where we were in groups of 3/4 and we showed each other our work so far and then gave some advice to each other about where we should go from there.

I worked with Kat and Maddie and they both told me their ideas and I gave them some feedback. I really enjoyed it actually because I was able to list some artists of relevance and also some types of experimentation they could do and they both seemed so happy when I gave them ideas so that made me feel good.

It was difficult when it came to my turn to talk though because I honestly was at a complete dead end. I had no idea what I wanted to do! I had some rough ideas and I had done a test shoot but it was going no where.

I spoke about how I looked at pin up style photos and we agreed that I should test it out at least. It was also mentioned that I should possibly speak to some families of people with disabilities to get their perspective on things rather than just speaking directly to the person that is disabled, because it effects other people as well as the disabled person.

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