Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Artist Research - Carolina Mizrahi

While I was looking through Pinterest I came across this series of photographs by Carolina Mizrahi. The website isn't in English, so I am not entirely sure what the series is called, it is either called 'Pink Monochromatic Sceneries' or it's called 'Avatar'. 

The series was created for the magazine Old Tat Magazine. It is exploring the idea of the world online and how we create an identity that separates us from the real world, creating a disconnected feeling to everyday life.

I really like the colouring of this series. I do really like the use of all pink and if pink is not used the an off white is used which still fits in with the imagery. 

The composition of these images, although a little varied are still quite central. There is something in each photograph that is the main point of focus. Whether it a person or an object. The way the model is positioned is also very different to most photographs of people that we assume fashionable. They are portrayed as distant and not with us which is what the photographer intended. They wanted to show that the model is not connected to the real world, they are drained of life because they have become so aware of the social presence. Even just a simple task such as standing in a room seems to be difficult for the model. They are aimlessly standing with no life whats-so-ever. 

The images relate well to my work because they are all one colour and objects have been painted so that they all match the scenery which is exactly what I wish to achieve when it comes to me setting up the area around me when I become the statue.
I do not intend for my scenes to be as cluttered as some of the images from this series and will most likely only have a couple of things around me so that it is not too much of a distraction from myself as I am the piece I want people to focus on, not the objects around me. I worry actually that having objects around me may confuse the audience and they may think that they are to put their hand prints on these objects as well, this is something I need to think about when it comes to the shoot.

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