Friday, 4 March 2016

Campaign Promotion

During my time running in the elections I had to campaign as much as I possibly could and get my name out there so students knew who I was.

Some of the campaigners sat in the quad for the elections so I wanted to take a different approach. I used social media as well as utilizing anything I had. So I made a banner and put it on my car, my car is in the perfect position because it faces the library and you can see it clearly from the first floor windows. I made tshirts and I handed out flyers.

I made sure that when I went around handing out flyers, I spoke to people and explained what I was offering and asked them politely to vote for me and even if they didn't want to vote for me first they could put me in second and that vote could still help me.

I also was extremely pleased that one of the students I have helped recently in my role as Disability Support Officer posted her story on the facebook page to tell people how I have helped her which was incredibly sweet and honestly so rewarding.

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