Friday, 4 March 2016

Campus Officer

This is something I never would have thought I would do but I decided that I wanted to run for Campus Officer in the University elections.

It wasn't until I was part of the student council and getting more involved with the behind the scenes stuff at University that I realised I really enjoyed working for the Uni and helping to make students experiences better. 

I spoke to Charlotte who is the current Campus Officer and asked her what she thought about me running and she said that I had a really good chance if I did. So I thought why not and did it. I wanted to stay in Farnham for another year after graduating anyway so this would be perfect, it would be a full time job which is great. I love working on the council so this just seemed perfect to me, mainly because the one unfortunate thing about working on the council is whatever I do I still have to go through Charlotte, whereas if I am Campus Officer I can just do things straight away.

I wanted my campaign to be red themed so that it was associated with me. I have my red hair and I wear red lipstick a lot so I made sure everything would stand out. I made my manifesto poster ready for when voting opened as well as a facebook cover photo banner using the image that I edited which Tomm took for me.

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