Saturday, 5 March 2016

Disability Talk Competition Entry

As part of my development in my LO3 I decided to enter a competition. We were sent round an email about a competition on a website called Disability Talk. 
I found it really interesting actually that suddenly there were websites and competitions popping up about disabilities when I am doing my project on it. Perfect! 

I entered it with my image from the previous project Independent Study. The website spoke about some ideas of images such as stairs and someone in a wheelchair but they did state this was very cliche which I was glad about because it meant we could be a more more creative.

I uploaded my image and wrote about how I did my project on the unfairness of beauty in the media and how people with disabilities are perceived.
The competition is a very long competition and I don't think the winners are announced until May when I won't even be at University anymore but I still wanted to give it a go. There are more and more entries being added everyday.

I was also extremely shocked when I looked at the judges panel to see that Stephen Hawking would be one of them which is crazy!

There are some amazing images with beautiful meanings being uploaded daily so I don't hold high hopes but I'm also not saying I couldn't win! Think positive. 

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