Thursday, 14 January 2016

Fashion Collab Behind The Scenes

Here are some of the photos I took from the day. As I was live tweeting I took photos on my iPhone rather than an actual camera. I recently brought iPhone lens' and being someone very anti 'iPhone photography' I felt a little bit ashamed when I ended up loving the lenses. It consisted of a wide angle, fish eye and macro, I used the wide angle throughout and it actually made it a big difference, I was able to capture a lot more of the surroundings which is perfect for this sort of set up. 

For example this first image, I love that I not only get the main set up in the image with the backdrop, lights and model but we get to see the room and the photographer, so you can see how the lights are suspended from the ceiling and you can also see the photographer at work.

I took a few short clips on the day to upload to the twitter just to show some of the more interactive shoots in action. The clips were incredibly short so instead of uploading here I made a couple of gifs from them to show the mechanisms for the shoot.

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