Friday, 4 March 2016

Fundraising Poster Design

I included this in my work although I wasn't part of the design team for the exhibition. I was really not enjoying part of the fundraising team and I wondered where else I could get involved so I thought about asking the design team if I could join them.

So for a bit of fun I made my own posters for the oscars fundraising event just to see how I did and if design was for me as it isn't really something I do a lot of. I was actually really pleased with how these came out. I was speaking to Emma about them and she mentioned that the first poster probably wouldn't be allowed because of copyright and the use of the actual oscars logo. So I looked into how to create gold looking text in photoshop and created my own. I then realised I had for got to include the location so that is the third and final poster.

As I wasn't part of the design team at this point this poster was not used but I was really pleased with how these came out so I included them to show my development on graphics design

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