Thursday, 18 February 2016

Interview with George Dowell (The Undateables)

 I have spoken about the tv show 'The Undateables' before in my previous project and I spoke about how I was asked to be on it and also how I felt a little bit offended when I was asked.

But as the new series came out, the programme has changed a lot. There have been some really good press about it and this is going to sound awful but its because they have finally got people on there that arent special needs. It is lovely that they help people find love when it seems impossible for them but to me, they never really showed anyone that would look as though they wouldn't have trouble meeting people...if that makes sense. So for myself as an example, I have never had a relationship and I have had disaster after disaster meeting guys, they get scared when they hear 'disabled' and i've been told 'I dont understand why you've never had a boyfriend because you're stunning' and i've also been told 'it's a shame about your back because you're so pretty' and thats why I always try and let people get to know me before they judge me based on a disability.

So this series introduced two guys, Tom and George, Tom has Aspergers and struggles to speak to people and keep eye contact. The fame he got from it is crazy because he is attractive to put it bluntly. But I like that!! I like that finally it is being shown in the media that you can look perfectly 'normal' and still have trouble in the world because you have a disability. The same with George, he is fully paralysed but he is attractive, they even 'brand' him as this on the show.

I liked this though because people hear disabled and assume 'mentally disabled' which wasn't really helped by this programme. So this raised the awareness that there are people that are disabled but in different ways and it shows his struggle with meeting girls because of his condition.

I followed him on Twitter and asked if I could message him and he followed me and gave me a message. I explained my project and he liked the sound of it so agreed to let me interview him as part of my primary research where I look into how people handle their disabilities.

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