Friday, 26 February 2016

Last night design

So Daniele designed the last night countdown design but some of the design team had some issues with it and unfortunately Danielle was away from her computer and so she asked me to work on it for her. I didn't mind doing this because I have really been enjoying doing the designing.

The first one I made was this (a modified versions of Danielles)
One thing that was said was that they liked the title better and the different use of fonts for each section but they didn't like the unevenness of the two pieces of text one side and three the other. Another suggestion was to try adding in the prices. I was worried this would put people off before they got to the event. 

So I changed it and added in that there would be paparazzi at the event, although not part of our fundraiser, Emma had said she was going to get the photographers to stand outside and pap the queue. I added in the prices but personally i didn't like it, I liked the added prices for the event itself but not for all our fundraising areas. I felt it just looked too busy and the group agreed.

I took off the prices and we were left with this. The final night countdown design.

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