Thursday, 24 March 2016

Last Shoot - Evaluation of the day.

On the day of the shoot myself and Madalina arrived at University at 9:30am so that we could go and get the stuff out of the stores. 
We had quite a bit of equipment to get out as we didn't have access to the lights provided on the dance floor. I booked out the Hasselblad and the pro-light kit with a tripod too. All really heavy so I was so grateful to Madalina for being there to help carry it all.

I hadn't had a chance to go around and put flyers up yet and I printed the flyers out purely to put up in the SU as that was the main target audience, people having their lunch.
So we went around and put some flyers up. Were not actually allowed to put flyers up in the SU and when we do they get taken down in the evening so it worked out well by putting them up on the day because we knew that they would stay up for the day and then be taken down.

After putting up the flyers it was time to start painting my body. Emma who works in the SU agreed to let us use the dressing room that leads onto the stage so we had privacy and no one was going to walk in on us. 

This time we just used the white acrylic and not the latex paint because that was so pointless the first time around. Painting my body takes around an hour because you have to do a couple of coats and sometimes it cracks so we had to go over some areas. Also doing my hair takes a long time and involves a lot of paint, both times now we have been unable to make my hair fully white, there are still bits of red left.

While I was having my body painted I had the help of Emily and Josie setting up the lights and the table for the paints which I was really grateful for because with this kind of project I cannot test shoot before we do it. I wanted to be able to just walk out and then become the statue instantly and begin the project. It also turned out that we needed two pro-light kits because the dance floor was so dark. So the girls sorted that for me and also got the Hasselblad set up so that it was ready for Madalina to start shooting.

I got a little bit worried when it hit 12:30 as I was still in the dressing room waiting for someone to come and tell me they had finished setting up but no one came and 12:30 is when I was supposed to be starting, after a few minutes, Madalina came and told me I was up. I felt so showbiz. I went down to the dance floor and took my position.

It was all a little hectic to start with, luckily no one was waiting because I needed to explain to the girls how to set up the livestream and then when it was set up we couldn't stand the phone up to record it so we had to make shift it and gaffer tape it to my laptop screen.

...and so it began, I stood there for and hour and it was great. It was a lot more spread out than the first one, the first one seemed to be a lot busier all the time but actually I had more people attend the second one but it was just all a lot more spread out in the hour time slot. The really great thing too was that people were seeing it on my livestream and then coming down because they'd seen me broadcasting, it was also surprising to me because a lot of the people that came were people that didn't know me and I had never met them which was fantastic and exactly what I wanted. Some people stood and watched while it was happening rather than coming down and putting a handprint on me which I also liked. I really did feel like the art piece.

It was incredibly hard to stand still for so long and there are a few slip ups where I move a bit. I also felt very rude whenever someone tried to speak to me which happened on a couple of occasions, I don't like being rude so that was so so difficult for me.

By the end of the shoot I was in a lot of pain, standing still is hard enough as it is but with my spinal condition on top of this I was in a lot of pain at the end. Which I guess is all part of the project and the exploration of my disability. It was a lot warmer than the first shoot so that was good but I couldn't wait to get home and get the paint off of me.

When I did get the paint off I noticed that my body was extremely itchy and a lot of red bumps were coming up, and within the next hour I was covered and my whole body was burning and so itchy. Which meant I was allergic to the paint meaning that if I wanted to do this shoot again it would not be achievable. It was awful. The following day I woke up to a swollen face where I could barely see out of my eyes and swallow. I felt like I had to go to a&e but I gave it a little while and eventually the swelling went down, but the itching stayed. Luckily my housemate had some medical cream she used when she had shingles and that helped a lot, but it was not fun and I really do not want to put myself through that again.

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