Monday, 14 March 2016

Last Shoot - Select Edited Images

I reviewed the images from the second shoot and picked a few that were my favourites and edited them in Photoshop. Unfortunately these images were not what I had in mind for my final pieces. I do not really like the aesthetics of them and feel that they do not look as nice as the images from my first live performance. Granted where ever I did this second shoot, it would have been a totally different set up to my first shoot due to the fact I wanted to do it more publicly which involves having a lot of different things around, it wouldn't be in a room where all the walls are white as it is out in the open a lot more.

I edited out the light stands that were in the images and tried to get rid of the stage in the background if I could, I think it worked okay thanks to the fact the room was quite dark and the lights we used lit me up the most so that I could easily get rid of the background.

It is extremely shooting a project based on yourself, especially when you cannot move and have to pretend to be a statue, because I couldn't communicate with Madalina as to where I wanted her to take photos. Unfortunately due to this, there were not a lot of images from this second series where I could be seen fully with my back and full body without a lot of stuff going on in the background. 

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