Sunday, 6 March 2016

Test Shooting Hasselblad - Indoors

As part of my experimentation I wanted to try and learn to use the film Hassleblad cameras as I have only used them once and that was in the studio for a test shoot on my last project, the film came out but it was just straight portraiture and I wanted to learn on location.

I love the way the Hasselblad film comes out. The detail is amazing and something that I find beautiful to look at. If I could shoot on it all the time everywhere I go without it being so expensive I would.

I asked Liberty to be my teacher for the day as she shoots on it a lot and her photographs to me always look amazing, I love her style of photography, so I thought 'who better to teach me?' 

I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot my photos because it is somewhere I go a lot with my Nan and overtime I go it's just beautiful and the decor is fantastic. It is a hotel in Hook called Tylney Hall. It was my Nan's school when she was young and she grew up there. There are still scratchings in the walls on the outside from some of the kids there and a lot of people that went there (that are still alive) come back to visit it as it was a happy place for them during a rough time when they were kids.
I knew it would be right up Liberty's street too so I asked my Nan if she could ask them permission for us to come and take some photos.

I drove us both down there and we sat and had coffee and tea and some cookies (homemade!!) and then after a good chinwag we went round to take photos. Liberty taught me how to put the film in because I could remember slightly how to do it but not fully. Then we did a light reading of the room we were in and set our cameras to what it said.

We went round to different rooms to take some photos and it was amusing watching people look at us like we were mad with our huge cameras that make a loud noise when you press the shutter. But I loved it.

We didn't take light readings for the different rooms we went in because we forgot and when it came to developing the film it looked almost as if I had no images, I was rather disappointed but we decided to scan them in anyway and I am so glad we did!! Although they are dark the images came out and I absolutely love them!

This first one was taken in the main lobby area where the stairs lead up to the first floor of bedrooms. I love the way the light is just illuminating the flowers and the lampshade is lit up. It's dark but the focus on the flowers is amazing. 

This second photo was taken in one of the lounge areas where me and Liberty sat with our coffee's. I did this shot purely to test out the focus of the camera. I wanted all the focus to be outside on the plants rather than inside. I find it a little odd to look at because it does look so blurred until you look our the window and see the definition on the plants.

The third image was taken just outside of the bar area. Oddly enough, an area I had never been to. Not entirely sure what the stairs lead to but I love this image, although it could be centred more, I just love the slightly open door and the focus on the stairs.

The next image is one I took of the ceiling. It was so difficult to take because the Hasselblad is backwards and that just confuses me greatly. I am pleased with the image though. The colouring of it is so nice, the gold rims on the ceiling are warm reds to yellows to a green tint.

In the bar area there is a huge long bookcase with seating under it to red while you drink and I have always loved it. It looks like something from a film. I took a photo but it came out very dark. I lightened it up in post and edited the colouring a bit so it's visible. That's another thing I love about mixing film with digital, you can take a dark photo and lighten it in post and also editing the colouring to how you like it. I still feel like this photo looks a bit green so I might change it, but this was just a test and a bit of fun so it's not a huge issue.

Here is another photo I took in the lobby from a different angle. This might be my favourite image along with the first one. Again I just love the way the flowers are lit and the light in the background too.

This photo was taken in the lounge area where me and Liberty had our coffee's. I wanted the focus to go as far back as I could but still capture the room. To me this photo makes me think of the Titanic. I always think of it when I sit near the fireplace with the clock. 

The next two photos were taken in another lounge area where there is a huge bouquet of flowers in the middle of the room and a fireplace that is always roaring during the winter. It's a really cosy room and the preferred room when its snowy or cold. I love the flowers that they put in there so I wanted to capture there. The second photo is of the fireplace. You can't see the fireplace at all as its black but the fires just floating there which I find funny.

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