Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Live Performance Poster Design

I wanted to design a poster for the exhibition but I wasn't quite sure what approach to go for. 
I took to Pinterest again and searched for some inspiration. 

These were the three I found that I liked the most. I even liked that one of them had an image of someone painted white which was funny. 

As I always say, I like simplicity and these are perfect to me. 

I played around a little on Photoshop and I used an image from a shoot I did a while back with Madalina. 

I wanted an image that showed by back but also kept my face out of it. I also wanted the posters to be a bit cryptic so I wanted the image of my back to be something that people look at and think "What is that?"

I wasn't entirely sure if I even wanted a photo in it though, because I did want the posters to be something quite simple that just stated the date, time and place along with the title of the project.

I made a few designs but there just was something I didnt quite like about them, until I made the white poster. I really liked the simple design and I had an idea of putting on a QR code to the facebook event that I was going to make for it so that people could scan and find out a little bit more about the event.

The last poster I made to try something a little different but I thought I was being all arty but I really didn't like the outcome.

I asked my flatmate for her opinion and she agreed that the fourth poster design was the one that stood out the most and didn't give anything away.

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