Saturday, 5 March 2016

Live stream researching.

After my tutorial with Natasha and Ellen, they said that I should look into doing my project again but live streaming it. 

I have never done a live stream in my life. I remember when I was younger when celebrities used to do them to talk to fans and I used to watch them, but when I googled for the websites I found out that they charge to use! 

Ustream had a free trial, but I went on it and it just confused me greatly, I had no clue what I was doing.

I looked into periscope also as I know thats big on twitter. But I soon realised that it wasn't a computer based website. It was only through iphone or android, you also could only comment if you signed into twitter. I just felt that this wouldn't work because not everyone has twitter and I wouldn't get that many people viewing it.

What I wanted realistically was a website that I could stream on and the website would advertise my stream on their site, if I remember correctly, its what livestream used to do before it charged people to use it. There would be a page with loads of livestreams happening on that you could chose to click on. It reached people all over the world.

I then remembered that a student at UCA had done a livestream before, from the SU dancefloor, for his fine art piece. It was through YouTube which I thought would be a good platform to use because everyone has access to it. I'm pretty sure everyone has a google account meaning that anyone can access it and speak on it.

I gave him a message to ask for his advice.

I went onto Youtube to have a look at the live area and thought I'd try and set it up and do a mini live stream to test it. 

There was one issue. I had NO idea what I was doing. I had to download something and set up a link to it and have some kind of software on my computer and I just didn't understand it. I saw Bruno at University and asked if he could help me but he was really busy and couldn't do it. So I didn't really know where else to turn.

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