Wednesday, 23 March 2016

More Shoot Preparation

I always carry a little notebook around with me to write anything and everything I need to at the time.

I wrote down a list of things that I needed for the shoot consisting of:

- Packets of wet wipes (I felt two would be enough)
- Primary coloured paints (can be mixed to make other colours)
- Paint brushes to paint my body and to paint peoples hands
- Razors (need to make sure my body is shaved before Madalina has to paint me)
- White underwear, I am in no way prepared to stand fully nude. So the next best solution is to wear white underwear so it blends.

The little drawing next to the list is the second little illustration Madalina did for the shoot. We realised that due to timing, I didn't have time to go out and buy objects to spray paint them white. So we came up with a little diagram to show how it would look instead. 

I had the large photography studios booked out fully so that I could use it as an exhibition space as well as having the lighting. It was decided that we'd use a spot light and a soft box either side to light me. We would also need somewhere to put the video camera and then somewhere to have a table with the paints on so that people can paint their hands behind the scenes rather than in the main exhibition area.

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