Thursday, 3 March 2016

Next Exhibition Idea/Plan

For my next shoot I have to think about the layout because it is a totally different environment. I have gone from the all white aesthetics to a dark area that isn't exactly the nicest background as its used as a night club dance floor.

The area is down steps and there is a stage with a dj booth in the background, and around the edges the walls are white but they're very dirty and just not really nice to look at so i'm not really sure how its going to work.

The plan I have in mind is to book out the pro light kit, along with the digital Hasselblad and then I want to bring in my own laptop so I can live stream it from that. I also want to book out the Canon legira camera that I can ask someone to film behind the scenes for me.

I will ask Madalina to paint me again while I ask if someone else can set up the dance floor area for me. 

Once I am painted I will go down to the dance floor at 12:30pm and once again stand for an hour and allow people to come down and place a handprint on my body.

For this shoot I will need more assistants than what I had for the first one.

Things I need:
- One person to set up the equipment
- Madalina to paint me
- A person to film behind the scenes
- A person to paint peoples hands

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