Thursday, 3 March 2016

Next Exhibition Poster

So, after my review it was time for me to start working on a new poster design for the next I'm Fine performance. I didn't want to use the same poster as before because I didn't want people thinking it was for the previous one I did and getting confused. I also didn't want it to be as cryptic as before either. I kind of felt that having an image from the previous shoot would maybe make people feel more at ease attending the event knowing what they're getting themselves into, especially because it is a more public event.

I looked through the images from the shoot and felt this one was the best as it clearly shows my back and I have quite a few handprints on my body.

I did the same I'm Fine logo as previously but I moved it around in the empty spaces and decided to add a bit of anonymousity myself I blocked out my face. My face isn't the important part of the project so I don't think this matters. The project is about my disability and my acceptance of it which is shown clearly in the image.

I like simplicity in posters so I think this works well but is eye catching also.

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