Monday, 21 March 2016

Paralympics Advert

Something I looked into recently was how the media portrays disabled people and something that I discovered is that a lot of the time in films and on tv, the disabled person is the bad guy. I mean a common one that no one things about that EVERYONE has heard of, is Captain Hook in popular children's novel/film Peter Pan, a film I can safely say is my all time favourite childhood film. Some may say we are reading into things too much but Captain Hook does not have a hand, giving him a disability and he is a villain.

A while ago I saw an advert on tv for the relaunch of the Paralympics and I loved the advert. 
When I first started watching it having no idea what it was for, I thought to myself 'wow this is awful!! All disabled people and all villains' I then continued to watch and realised that it was actually telling people that not all disabled people are villains and that we can actually do good in the world. It then shows some empowering footage of athletes from the Paralympics.

I really like this advert and honestly believe it will raise some awareness.

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