Thursday, 3 March 2016


For the second shoot I was doing on the SU Dancefloor I made a new event, also making Madalina a cohost because she is my art director and the person taking the photos for me.

I called the event I'm Fine Take Two. I didn't want to re name it because I felt it would confuse people and they wouldn't know it the same concept but I also didn't want to just call it 'I'm Fine' again incase people dismissed the event thinking it was my previous one.

I invited as many people as I could to the event and also asked some friends to invite their course mates so that it could reach more people.

I posted on the freshers page again as that is where I got most of my audience that were not friends to come last time. I got quite a good response from it so it gave me some hope for my next shoot.

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