Sunday, 6 March 2016

Research - Viktoria Modesta

A while ago now I saw this video being shared on social media. It was introduced by Channel 4 who are big promotors of disabilities in the media. They have offered internships to people with disabilities who are interested in working in journalism and reporting for TV as well as creating multiple documentary programmes showing lives of disabled children and adults.

As soon as I watched the video I loved Viktoria's attitude towards her disability. She has one leg amputated and instead of just using the normal prosthetic legs that hospitals provide, she went out to seek a different type of leg, something that made her stand out from the rest. She also creates music and so she combined a mixture of fashion, music and also awareness into a video.

I took some screenshots from the video for the parts I find really interesting.

This part of the video shows a scene where a cartoon of Viktoria is on TV and a child is so mesmerised by her she wants her dolls to have a leg missing so she rips it off. I feel like this mocks the way that women in the media are idolised by people so much that the public are willing to do anything to look like them. This is seen differently when you replace the role model with someone thats disabled. 

This second still is the cartoon that is being shown on TV. It shows Viktoria with her prosthetic leg, her spike, it not only shows her as a powerful women but it is almost jokey in the sense of her using her leg as a women of self defence. She is challenging two ideas, women being weak and also disabilities stopping people being 'able' of anything.

In this image, I just love that she shows her leg without the prosthetic. It shows that she is not ashamed and she is not hiding it, as a lot of people with physical disabilities do. It's very rare that people like to show their disabilities in public. Even more so when its to millions of people on social media.

Here are a few stills to show some of the legs she uses. I love that she has such unique legs to use, they're all so powerful.

I love this video and think that it shows disability from an artists perspective. I think its really powerful.

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