Thursday, 3 March 2016

Presentation Review

We had our final presentation review, this was the day after I did my first shoot so I hadn't really had a chance to go over the images that had been taken and edit any so it was all a little rushed for me but I showed everything I had an explained that I hadn't really been through it all yet and hadn't really thought about what I am doing with the images or video footage yet.

One thing that Natasha was confused about though was when I told her that this was my final shoot. She thought it was just a test. I felt that this was a one off performance piece really and felt that it would be my final. I hadn't even considered doing it more than once. I felt that people might not go to it a second time round when they have already been. But then Natasha suggested doing it more publicly.

I had a mild allergic reaction to the latex paint that we used so there was part of me that really didn't want to cover myself in paint again. It was also extremely difficult to get out of my hair and off of my body. I was also FREEZING during the shoot and vowed I would never do it again...until Natasha thought it was a test shoot and suggested doing it more publicly. I was hesitant at first but then I started to think about and I realised that I have always always spoken about doing public social experiments, so why didn't I take this opportunity to get myself out there. It would have to be a very quickly organised thing as I had the campaign the following week for Campus Officer and I didn't want too much happening at once.

Another suggestion was to live stream it. I instantly really liked this idea. I've never live streamed before so this is totally new territory for me. I'll have to look into different ways to do it. Natasha recommended Periscope.

The main things suggested to me in the review were to experiment a bit more with the photos and the footage and maybe some text. The footage was over exposed but something that was said is that maybe it being over exposed is a good thing because it's almost as if I am not there to start with and then with the handprints being added, suddenly I appear and that actually might look really nice. As well as doing the performance again. The other things that were recommended I had already been recommended in previous tutorials and have already researched.

To do:
- Think about new shoot (and fast)
- Experiment with text and image
- Experiment with the video footage. (exposure)

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