Sunday, 6 March 2016

Test Shoot Hasselblad - Outdoors

After Madalina had the idea of shooting my 'I'm Fine' photos outside on location I wanted to test shoot on Hasselblad outside just to see how they looked. 
Unfortunately I booked out the Hasselblad for the weekend and didn't get time to do it. On the Monday when I had to give it back I decided to just quickly shoot around my garden as a test. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't have Liberty there to help me with the aperture and shutter speed so I winged it and wasn't expecting anything to come out but luckily it did and I really like some of the images, but some of the images lack depth and colour and I don't like that.
I'd like to actually test it out on different locations but the woods is the main location I want to do a shoot. I like the idea of having me central in the image with a large surrounding of trees in the images so I'm quite small but you can see my back.

The images don't really have meaning but it's just an art thing I want to try.

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