Saturday, 12 March 2016

Tutorial - Bryony

We had a guest tutor in today that we could sign up tutorials with. I was really interested to have an outsiders point of view.
One thing I wasn’t really expecting though was for her to just tell me how good she thinks my idea is and how she found it very rare that she didn’t really know what to say. It was really flattering, she made me feel like I’ve finally refined my idea which is good. I just need to do it now and back it up with research and put it into action.
One thing we spoke about though was the fact that I was worried people might touch me in an inappropriate place. She mentioned maybe just working on my stance and how I position myself, so for example I could either sit down with my legs crossed, or if I do want to stand I could stand with one arm across my waist and over my crotch and the other arm across my breasts so that if people decide they want to put a hand print around that area then they can do it on my arm, not on that actual part of me.
We thought about maybe using a blanket or veil but then it would stop the hand prints actually being on my body which is what I really want.
Leaving the tutorial I felt really happy because she was so lovely and it was so nice to know that someone that doesn’t know me really likes my idea, I feel like when you pitch an idea to a total stranger and they can’t find anything to say it means you’re on the right track which is brilliant.

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