Saturday, 12 March 2016

Tutorial - Ellen

Lee Miller as Venus de milo

Cocteau, made film and photos of lee Miller, everyone is dressed in white and around sculptures.  
Shoot in black and white maybe, as it will be powerful - medium format
Condor cave
Gillian wearing Claudia Schiffer put up as a plinth and Gillian photographs herself next to her
Yoko Ono performance with scissors 
Possibly hire someone to pretend to be a body guard. 
Consider doing a performance on the actual show night, or the paper mache version of myself. Could collaborate with someone on metal work and create a cast. 

These are the quick notes I made when in my tutorial with Ellen. I spoke about my idea of painting myself white and having people come in and put a handprint on my body. These are the references she gave me to look at.

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