Saturday, 12 March 2016

Tutorial - Natasha

My second tutorial was with Natasha. I described where I was at so far with my project and the idea of me wanting to get a cast made of myself to go along with my image. Realistically I wanted a life size version of myself but Natasha mentioned that Asda are doing a thing at the moment where they can create mini 3D models of people. So I decided to look into it because it’s something that I find really interesting. Maybe email them and say that you want to be all white with no coloured clothes on so you’re like a statue.
Another thing that was mentioned was the statue, The Kiss by Rodin which is at the V&A which was made based on a small model and then cast bigger. I could look into this online as well as going to the V&A to see it in person as part of my primary research.

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