Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Working with Digitisation Unit

I was sat in Starbucks with a friend when a lady and her children walked past me. The lady looked at me and smiled and I had the instant internal reaction of 'oh my god I know her but why do I know her' and I felt awful because as soon as she said hello to me, I realised it was Lisa who was my boss when I worked for the Digitisation Unit at University for my work experience. 

We were speaking and she asked if I was still interested in doing some paid work with them and I said that I'd love that! She told me how they had a big task coming up and would be grateful for the help so I was definitely up for it.

I emailed Lisa a few days later and asked for more details, I also asked how long it would be for as I was running for campus officer and if I won it, I could only work until July.

We spoke and agreed that we would discuss it more once I knew the results of the elections. I won so I emailed and told her that I would still be willing to work but I would only be until July and luckily Lisa was totally fine with this which was fantastic!

I met up with Lisa again to discuss it a bit more and I would need to apply like a normal applicant but she said the job is mine, which is absolutely fantastic, I really enjoyed my time there so I am looking forward to starting.

The brilliant thing is, its one day a week, so I now officially have 3 jobs at one day a weeks so its not too intense but I am earning so it's really good! 

I think I have an attachment to this University, I cant let it go.
I start in April.

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