Saturday, 12 March 2016

Yoko Ono - Cut One Piece

An artist that I was told to look at by both Ellen and David was Yoko Ono. I had meant to look at her earlier on in the project when I had a tutorial with Ellen but forgot about it.

She did a performance piece where she sat on the ground and invited people to cut a piece of her dress. It was as simple as that.

The performances starts off timid and people only cut small pieces 

but as time goes on more and more people start to cut larger pieces until eventually Yoko is left sat with barely any dress left.
The shocking thing is, is that she invited people to cut her dress and only her dress, but someone decides to take it one step further and cut her bra straps! It doesn't show it in this video but I found a still from it.

When it comes to performance art, this is the first time I have ever looked into it. It shocks me that people can take things to an extreme like this. There was no invitation to cut anything other than her dress and yet people cut off her underdress as well as her bra straps. She then had to sit with her arms across her breasts to that her bra wasn't taken off.

I thing I really like about this piece is how extremely composed she stays. I know that if it was me I would find it really difficult if someone took it too far as they did on her performance. I would feel disrespected as a women having a man come and cut my bra off when that is clearly not what I asked for. 

I researched into why she did this performance because I had never heard of it before my tutorial with Ellen and I just went straight in and watched the footage and started writing about it without actually reading what it was about.

I found a website that explains the piece and like other live performance pieces her work revolves around the idea of art and the object. She creates her piece based on her as an object and then invites people cut away one piece of her dress which is something quite an aggressive way to unveil a womens body. 

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