Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Zadoc Tutorial

I had a tutorial with Zadoc after my second shoot and my final shoot and this was the first time I was seeing him since my project changed completely so I had to update him on where I was going with this project instead.

I showed him my images from both shoots and explained how I was unsure of what images to use. I was explaining how I liked the images from the first shoot a lot more than the images from the second shoot but I wasn't sure if I should have video with my final images and if I did have a video I wasn't sure if I should use the video recorded on the camera or the live stream. The thing I worried about was having the images different to the video, would it look bad. If I had the live stream playing would it just look boring or would it add to the effect of the performance, giving viewers the feeling they are watching it live.

I showed Zadoc my images and he agreed that the images from the first shoot are a lot stronger. We spoke about possibly having three images, a beginning middle and an end and then possible having the video playing on a tv screen on a plinth so it links in with my project. Instead of me physically being on a plinth, the tv showing the live stream can be on a plinth.

I really liked this idea and want to look into it further, I am not 100% sure about the three images yet but I can play about with the idea once we have had our workshop on how to create 3D studio spaces.

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