Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Updated Project Proposal

Instal sketches

I always find that for me to figure out how I want to display my images, I do quick sketches of any idea that pops into my head, even if they're totally different from the previous one I have just drawn and then eventually it leads to something I am finally happy with. It worked in my case here as I drew some really quick sketches and then a simple idea came into my head and from that idea I played with it until I reached a point where I really liked one and wanted to go ahead with it.

It is from this design (6) that my idea starts to really develop towards the final. I was asked to bring my previous project back in for the external examiners and while looking through my book I discovered some texts that had been said to me and I remembered how much I liked that being in my project so I played about with it again, mainly the quote "There's probably a beautiful person in there". It then developed to more text covering the wall and that is the design I then go on to develop in 3D for the final design.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Project Evaluation

Digital designs for instal

3D Instal Plan

I'm Fine

For my instal plan. I created a 3D version in photoshop to show how it would look in a gallery space. It is a compact piece and it is less photography than most pieces. 

Because of how my back is, my height is a lot smaller than most people. I measured myself and I am 54 inches tall. I wanted to have my print life size so I gave a bit more measurement to allow for the excess space on the image. So in CM the height would be 152.4cm. The width does not really matter it is the height that is important, so I resized my image to the right height and the auto measurement it gave me for width was 102cm.

For the text I would like to use vinyl lettering, if this is not possible then maybe creative a large print to stick to the wall will work also. But my personal preference would be to have the lettering in vinyl. Again for the text the height is the most important thing, I would like it to all be level so it needs to be the same height as the photograph. When we find out the actual size of wall we will have in our end of year show I can make sure that the text is the right width.

On top of the wall with the text I would like to have a tv central. Preferable a smaller tv. Not a long wide screen tv as this will take up too much room and may block out too much text. On the TV will be a DVD playing which is provided in my portfolio box, the DVD is of the live stream I recorded when I did my second shoot. This will be played on a loop so that everyone can watch it. It is not something people will stand and watch all of as it is a slow moving video because there are gaps where it is just me stood still waiting for someone to put their handprint on me but it just adds to the effect that you are watching something happen live.

The reason there is a gap at the top of the wall is because I want my images to be lower. I want them to represent me and my height. Usually when you go to galleries the images are set to a standard height of the average person. This does not work when it comes to people with disabilities, especially people in wheelchairs which is something I struggle with. Even just being so small I have to sometimes look up at the images, so by me putting my images lower I am reversing the roles. The able bodied and non disabled will have to see things from my perspective and will look down at the images just as people look down when they speak to me.

Working with text for the instal

It was a bit last minute but I suddenly had an idea of putting in some text with my project and I really liked the idea of it that I went ahead and tried to design something.

I went onto InDesign and created a piece of writing that contained things that people have said to me, good and bad. I really think that some of the things might shock the audience but I want it to also show that no matter what is said to me, I am who I am and I cannot and would not change that. I wanted to show that I get good and bad things. Unfortunately more bad than good but I quite like that in a weird way. I love peoples reactions when they realise that the text is real and it has all been said to me.

I played around with some different styles. I really liked the idea of having it all spread out rather than totally in line. I didn't want it to be over whelming. I then played around with the font size and style so I made the negative words bold and italic and a bigger size and i made the positive words underlined and a bit bigger. It just makes it stand out a bit more and there are words that draw you in and hopefully make the audience want to read it.

To start with I worked with just one piece of text. I remembered something that someone said to me and for some reason I felt like it would be a really interesting piece. 'There's probably a beautiful person in there' I felt that this fit a lot more now that I was a 'statue' even though it was said to me as a person it just fit more now and I weirdly like the quote. It's such a back handed compliment, like there probably is someone beautiful but they don't really look beautiful from the outside. There may or may not be someone beautiful in the image, in the body.

Then I decided to write down all the things I could think of that I have had said to me, good and bad. I couldn't think of that many so I did repeat some.

I played about with the placement from central to left and then a spread out one. I actually really like all of them but I think the last one is the best because then it can spread out and cover most of the wall and the live stream tv can be placed over it. 

I am thinking of having it in vinyl lettering.

Images for my portfolio

So I decided that for my portfolio I felt it best to present my images in a portfolio box so that it is still professional but it also gives people a chance to choose the image they prefer if I were to send it to a gallery. I also got some sleeves for the images to go in that were good quality. I made sure that I put the images in with gloves so that I didn't get any finger prints on the images. Also thought that a box would be better so I can include some instal plans and maybe make it a bit more interesting by added some extras to it. I am thinking of adding in some sheets of paper with coloured hand prints on it. I want it to all tie in. I am also going to print out the text in A4 form so that it can be seen what it says and also the DVD will be included containing the live stream video. The images are double sided with one plain photo and one image of handprints on myself. I tried to match images as closely as possible but there are no two images the same in this series so it is a little bit mix matched.

These are the images I have chosen for my portfolio. I think they are the strongest out of all of them. I do only want one big final image though but I decided to give the gallery choice of images. I also prefer to have full body photos.

Research - Pro Infirmis 'Because who is perfect?'

This is a campaign by the company Pro Infirmis for the International  Day of Persons with Disabilities. The campaign sets out to challenge the acceptance of disabilities. The idea was to create mannequins of people with different disabilities, from shortened limbs to missing limbs to disfigured spines.

I think the reason I love this so much is because there is a girl with severe Scoliosis in it and in my opinion people with scoliosis are not shown much in media.

 Once the mannequins had been made they were put into a shop window to replace the usual mannequins that are in there. They all knew that this would cause a reaction and one person even said they thought people would be angry which is sad really.

One thing that actually made me really sad was that some people were mimicking the mannequins but then I suppose it isn't a very common thing and some people don't think before they do things so in a way even though they may be laughing at it, the awareness of the condition is still being made. They have now seen it and if they were to see it again maybe they would think twice.