Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Images for my portfolio

So I decided that for my portfolio I felt it best to present my images in a portfolio box so that it is still professional but it also gives people a chance to choose the image they prefer if I were to send it to a gallery. I also got some sleeves for the images to go in that were good quality. I made sure that I put the images in with gloves so that I didn't get any finger prints on the images. Also thought that a box would be better so I can include some instal plans and maybe make it a bit more interesting by added some extras to it. I am thinking of adding in some sheets of paper with coloured hand prints on it. I want it to all tie in. I am also going to print out the text in A4 form so that it can be seen what it says and also the DVD will be included containing the live stream video. The images are double sided with one plain photo and one image of handprints on myself. I tried to match images as closely as possible but there are no two images the same in this series so it is a little bit mix matched.

These are the images I have chosen for my portfolio. I think they are the strongest out of all of them. I do only want one big final image though but I decided to give the gallery choice of images. I also prefer to have full body photos.

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