Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Instal sketches

I always find that for me to figure out how I want to display my images, I do quick sketches of any idea that pops into my head, even if they're totally different from the previous one I have just drawn and then eventually it leads to something I am finally happy with. It worked in my case here as I drew some really quick sketches and then a simple idea came into my head and from that idea I played with it until I reached a point where I really liked one and wanted to go ahead with it.

It is from this design (6) that my idea starts to really develop towards the final. I was asked to bring my previous project back in for the external examiners and while looking through my book I discovered some texts that had been said to me and I remembered how much I liked that being in my project so I played about with it again, mainly the quote "There's probably a beautiful person in there". It then developed to more text covering the wall and that is the design I then go on to develop in 3D for the final design.

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