Monday, 4 April 2016

Look at exhibition spaces

As part of our primary research we were advised to go and look at some gallery spaces and how things are displayed.

Our University had a gallery opening for an exhibition called 'Relative' which a few of the photography students were involved in. There were a quite a few different pieces of work. I was so disappointed that I didn't put my work in for this as it actually fit in with the theme.

I went to the opening and had a look around at all the pieces and then took some photos so that I had some references to how they were put up. I was actually quite disappointed with how some of the work was displayed. For example Yasmins work was hung from the ceiling which is a really nice idea and something I have thought about in the past, but the way they stuck her work on the boards was not very professional looking in my opinion, there were white boarders on the image that just look like it was quickly printed and not had the aesthetics thought of properly, and then they look like they were just stuck on with tape on the back because the work was almost falling off the boards.

In the other section of the gallery there were a lot more interactive type pieces which are always more appealing to me. I will be honest and say that I am not really a fan of galleries, never have been. Although I do enjoy the more interactive ones, I guess you can say I am a bit of a child still when it comes to things like this and I enjoy the ones that have sound or moving image or just something a it more interactive than a print on the wall.

The image above and below include pieces that have sound and I like the idea of having the headphones so that people can listen to the video thats playing if they please. If I were to include my live stream there isn't really significant sound that would be of importance but I think it makes it feel a bit more interactive and almost as if you're watching the real thing happening live if you can hear what is happening around. The fact that you can hear people having conversations around the live stream just gives it more atmosphere, but obviously in an exhibition space you can't have sound playing out loud because if multiple people have sound it would just be a really overly noisy room.

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