Sunday, 3 April 2016

Looking at 3D models

So an idea that I had for the final exhibition was to possibly have a 3D sculpture of myself stood next to my pieces, I would like it to be all white as I was in my final piece. I thought it would just be a really interesting idea to have a version of me in with the piece as something that was brought up was that I could maybe do a performance during the exhibition. But that is just something I am not quite ready to do. Also the amount of time and effort it took to paint myself and then the fact I had a bad allergic reaction afterwards just means that this isn't possible.

When I mentioned this to Natasha she told me about maybe having a miniature version of myself. There is a thing that ASDA are doing at the moment where they can create 3D miniature figures of people. It's something they're introducing as ways to hold memories. So people that want to remember certain events can have their models made to how they were dressed that day. A new type of photograph and video. Something you can physically hold.

I decided to give them an email because I did think this was a really interesting idea. I wanted to know if there was a way that they could create one of me but make me all white. I wouldn't want to have to paint myself purely for them to do this, so I wanted to see if there was a way in their systems that they could digitally change it to make me come out all white like a sculpture.

It was a few days till I got a reply and by that time I had changed my mind and didn't really like the idea of a mini version of myself. I did really want a larger version, almost life size, like a mannequin. 

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