Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Research - Pro Infirmis 'Because who is perfect?'

This is a campaign by the company Pro Infirmis for the International  Day of Persons with Disabilities. The campaign sets out to challenge the acceptance of disabilities. The idea was to create mannequins of people with different disabilities, from shortened limbs to missing limbs to disfigured spines.

I think the reason I love this so much is because there is a girl with severe Scoliosis in it and in my opinion people with scoliosis are not shown much in media.

 Once the mannequins had been made they were put into a shop window to replace the usual mannequins that are in there. They all knew that this would cause a reaction and one person even said they thought people would be angry which is sad really.

One thing that actually made me really sad was that some people were mimicking the mannequins but then I suppose it isn't a very common thing and some people don't think before they do things so in a way even though they may be laughing at it, the awareness of the condition is still being made. They have now seen it and if they were to see it again maybe they would think twice.

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