Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Working with text for the instal

It was a bit last minute but I suddenly had an idea of putting in some text with my project and I really liked the idea of it that I went ahead and tried to design something.

I went onto InDesign and created a piece of writing that contained things that people have said to me, good and bad. I really think that some of the things might shock the audience but I want it to also show that no matter what is said to me, I am who I am and I cannot and would not change that. I wanted to show that I get good and bad things. Unfortunately more bad than good but I quite like that in a weird way. I love peoples reactions when they realise that the text is real and it has all been said to me.

I played around with some different styles. I really liked the idea of having it all spread out rather than totally in line. I didn't want it to be over whelming. I then played around with the font size and style so I made the negative words bold and italic and a bigger size and i made the positive words underlined and a bit bigger. It just makes it stand out a bit more and there are words that draw you in and hopefully make the audience want to read it.

To start with I worked with just one piece of text. I remembered something that someone said to me and for some reason I felt like it would be a really interesting piece. 'There's probably a beautiful person in there' I felt that this fit a lot more now that I was a 'statue' even though it was said to me as a person it just fit more now and I weirdly like the quote. It's such a back handed compliment, like there probably is someone beautiful but they don't really look beautiful from the outside. There may or may not be someone beautiful in the image, in the body.

Then I decided to write down all the things I could think of that I have had said to me, good and bad. I couldn't think of that many so I did repeat some.

I played about with the placement from central to left and then a spread out one. I actually really like all of them but I think the last one is the best because then it can spread out and cover most of the wall and the live stream tv can be placed over it. 

I am thinking of having it in vinyl lettering.

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